Today Less is More. At Plastic Suppliers we know that sustainability-focused innovation leads to bottom-line results for our customers and The Company. Sustainability-driven innovation is continuously changing our business processes, the products we develop, and our management techniques ensuring that these result in environmental and social benefits, as well as financial ones.


The PSI technical team's broad approach to innovation ranges from product and process improvements to fully disruptive innovation that can change an entire industry. Sustainability is the cornerstone. Our customers know they must "do more with less" to remain competitive and minimize the impact on the environment. Our SBC decorated shrink film products are 20% lighter in gauge today than just 3 years ago. Our new Earthfirst UL, a superior sealant web for the flexible packaging industry, is 1/3 of the weight and thickness of conventional sealants, potentially removing 15 billion pounds of material annually from the solid waste stream in North America and Europe combined. UL uses less energy to make, deliver, store, and process into the final product and comes from a renewable resource. To learn more about Earthfirst UL and other innovative products from PSI, contact your local sales representative, or connect with us by filling out the Contact Us form.