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Founded in 1949 by Joe Tatem in Blackwood, New Jersey, Plastic Suppliers is "The Total Films Solution". Focusing exclusively on the distribution and manufacturing of the highest quality plastic film for more than 60 years Plastic Suppliers has been your source for polypropylene, polyester, polyethylene, synthetic paper and polystyrene and biopolymer based films. We have distribution centers across the United States, from Ohio to California, and across the world in Belgium. We have the film you need at the manufacturer direct pricing you want. Getting in touch with us is easy. All of our contact information is available from the contact page.

"There has never been a better time to get to work and we're ready to serve the plastic film market."

Utilizing 21st century film manufacturing technology we are poised to lead a change in the plastic film industry. We have the only fully compostable, mechanically sound, environmentally friendly plastic film available. We have a staff of hard-working, down-to-earth employees ready to aid you in your search for the perfect plastic film for your application. Our technical staff is available for onsite support during runs of material and our sales representatives work diligently to offer you the best price on the best plastic.

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When you think film, think Plastic Suppliers.

Our mission at Plastic Suppliers, embodies using innovative thinking to initiate tangible change in the plastic film industry. We strive to be the finest manufacturer and distributor of plastic films available. We offer exceptional customer service and educated sales support. We're dedicated to dispelling myths about recycling, biopolymers, and sustainable use of plastic films.

Our Innovations
We are the 21st Century Plastic Film Manufacturer

Fluctuating resin prices and sky-rocketing oil pricing continues to pressure the plastic film industry. Despite this economic turmoil, we've remained true to our ideals about what it means to produce and provide a quality product at competitive prices. We have the most advanced film manufacturing equipment in the world, our biopolymer product line is preparing for expansion, our manufacturing personnel are dedicated to developing the films of the future and our ability to serve worldwide markets is making Plastic Suppliers, Inc. the total films solution.

Our Employees
Plastic Suppliers is a private, employee owned company.

"Plastic Suppliers is an ESOP company with a commitment to our staff's futures."

At Plastic Suppliers, we take great pride in our people. Without our employees we'd have never come this far. Plastics Suppliers is an ESOP company offering excellent benefits and rewards to our staff. Many of our employees have been with the company for over 15 years and some have been here for 25 years. We're not just a plastic film manufacturer we're an employee centered company with our staffs' future in mind.

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Plastic Suppliers Time Line:

Plastic Suppliers is proud to serve the plastic film industry.

  • A company started by one man more than 60 years ago is now an international market leader in the manufacture and distribution of Plastic Films.
  • Our Distribution product range includes market critical film products.
  • Our manufacturing portfolio includes the world's first family of biopolymer shrink sleeve films, EarthFirst® brand films.

When you think film, think Plastic Suppliers.


Plastic Suppliers, Inc. celebrates its 60th Anniversary in business.


Awarded Innovative Technology awards from the Flexographic Technical Association and Tag and Label Manufacturers Inc.


On May 5th Plastic Suppliers, Inc. is the only plastic manufacturing facility producing EarthFirst PLA Film, via a blown film process.


Plastic Suppliers has merited ISO 9001:2008 quality certifications of its manufacturing facility for the production of cast and tentered biaxially oriented polystyrene film and sheet.


Plastic Suppliers announces an expansion of their oriented polystyrene film and sheet manufacturing capacity with the addition of blown film lines.


Plastic Suppliers relocates the Blackwood, New Jersey facility to Mt. Laurel, New Jersey


Plastic Suppliers relocates the Duncanville, Texas facility to Dallas, Texas.


Plastic Suppliers begins the massive project of constructing Line IV, a world class polystyrene extrusion line.


Sidaplax-Plastic Suppliers opens in Northampton, England.


Plastic Suppliers, Inc. corporate office moves to Columbus, Ohio


A tornado destroys the Marietta, Georgia branch. Operations resume within two weeks.


Plastic Suppliers crosses the Atlantic by purchasing Sidaplax V.O.F. in Gent, Belgium.


Polyflex polystyrene line is purchased from Monsanto.


Commitment to the midwest strengthened with the opening of the Columbus, Ohio branch.


Export/Import Division established to service our customers both in the United States and abroad.


Plastic Suppliers opens a site in Atlanta, Georgia


Plastic Suppliers opens on the west coast with a facility in Los Angeles, California


Plastic Suppliers opens a midwestern converting facility in Chicago, Illinois


Plastic Suppliers opens a converting facility in Dallas, Texas


Plastic Suppliers opens in Blackwood, New Jersey


Plastic Suppliers is founded at Blackwood, New Jersey as a privately held corporation by Joe Tatem.