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Plastic Suppliers, Inc. adds Lidding Film to Their Lineup

Plastic Suppliers, Inc. has added a number of new lidding film solutions for a wide range of plastic, metal, and paper trays in use today. “As a multi-site distributor of one of the largest lidding film manufacturers in North America, we can now offer the quick order turnarounds and high performance solutions required in this market segment.” Says George Thomas, CEO of Plastic Suppliers.

Lidding films for the food sector not only provide reliable seals but also deliver on product safety and shelf-appeal. Technical support is critical. “Says Francisco Cavalcanti, Vice President of Technology. “We have the knowhow to help our clients identify the best possible film for their products.”

Plastic Suppliers, Inc. has locations in Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Columbus, and Ghent Belgium that distribute lidding film, polypropylene, PET, Synthetic Papers, and Polystyrene for a wide range of end-users.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality plastic films to the industries we serve in a cost effective manner, with excellent customer service and technical assistance. Our future depends upon our ability to offer plastics such as biopolymer films in a manner that does not harm our environment. Plastic Suppliers pledges to continue to offer these products as well as others that allow our customers the opportunity to succeed.

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Special Feature:


May 10, 2011

The Ohio News Network recently did a story on Ohio's bio-preferred product database. Plastic Suppliers was featured as an Ohio manufacturer producing a bio-based product. Check out the video below.

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