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Can I order online?

Plastic Suppliers does not provide online entry of orders. We will accept your orders by calling our qualified customer service representatives at 1-800-722-5577. Once your order is entered, you can inquire about the status of your current order and past orders by calling the same customer service number.

If I am located in the middle of the state and two distribution centers split the state, how do I know which center to contact (i.e. Columbus, Ohio)?

Regardless of your location, calling 1-800-722-5577 will get you in contact with the appropriate distribution center.

What if I know you sell a certain product, but it is not listed on your site?

We offer so many variations of plastic film, i.e. different treatments, widths, clarities, but we only post the most commonly used products on our website. We gladly accept and fulfill special-orders for variations not offered on our website as long as they are within our capabilities. Our site changes weekly and it is possible that products are updated with improvements. Call 1-800-722-5577 to discuss your needs with a qualified customer service representative.

When can I expect to get a response to my sample and/or membership request?

Plastic Suppliers tries to process all of these requests within four business days. If you have not heard after this time period, it is recommended that you call 1-800-722-5577 to inquire.

How can we change our Membership Area password?

If you've lost it, use the password recovery utility on the login page. If you wish to change your password you can login and then choose Account Settings from the menu on the right. Change password is the last option on the left.

How can I access old order information like I could on your old site?

Currently as of Monday, November 7 we are still working on integrating the order history functions back into our site. Due to low usage on our old site we did not determine this to be a priority for our customers. To access order history information please call 1-800-722-5577 and have a customer service representative help you.

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